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How can we help you?

Based in Canterbury in Kent, Get Prepped meals can be picked up weekly at your local gym, CrossFit box or PT studio. Whether your goal is fat loss, performance support or mass gain, we can help.

For years I've been interested in food. From studying Nutrition at the University of Reading to becoming a professionally trained chef while working in busy restaurant kitchens. I have also been very interested in fitness! Especially how eating good food can positively affect our performance in the gym.

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Most athletes and gym-goers know what they need to eat to get into great shape. A diet full of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats with plenty of colourful vegetables. Simple!

What's not so simple is consistently finding the time to prepare these meals while juggling a busy job, active social life and demanding training schedule! And it's consistency (not perfection!) that leads to serious, life-altering results.

Get Prepped was started with the simple goal of bridging the gap between convenience, good nutrition and value for money. All of our meals are cooked from scratch in our 5* inspected commercial kitchen by qualified chefs. When you order you will receive balanced meals just as you would prepare for yourself at home. We mix things up with loads of choice of protein, carbohydrate and veggie options, ensuring you never get bored of your diet!

Now that is simple...

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